Our Property

A family hunting estate since 1955 dedicated to preservation and nature

Hunting at the Chateau de Janvry is foremost discovering a traditional hunt managed by more than three generations of hunters since 1784. Coming to the Chateau de Janvry is to be welcomed by the family and to enjoy the warmth and conviviality of a family hunt, in Louis XIII style.

Coming to Janvry, one discovers high-flying pheasants, raised in English style on a territory of more than 1730 acres composed by plains, copses, and wide hilly woods.
This domain has been fully developed for hunting since 1955. Game crops and driven hunts have been created on steep valleys to hunt high-flying pheasants. Many miradors are located in the territory for driven hunts, on-foot stalking or high-seat stalking of red deer, roebuck and wild boar.

Our Hunts
Proprietary and Syndicated Driven Hunt
Mixed Driven and Walking Hunt
Big Game Driven Hunt


« I love welcoming guests into my home. I love listening to others and help people feel comfortable and shine. I believe being nice and honest are primary values in today’s world and I aspire to simplicity and elegance. I hope our guests feel this every time they arrive at the Château, for a days hunting or a tasty dinner.

I entirely personalise each party by creating unique and particular twists every time. I love delicate, refined and elegant interiors. Creating decors for our dining room table and include wild and natural elements such as moss, wood pieces, leaves… Playing with colours from the various seasons. I never buy anything; I compose my creations with objects and artefacts.

I have, leaving lots of room for imagination. A certain kind of magic! »

Baroness Reille