Mixed driven – walking hunt

Shoot high quality pheasants on our family estate

Invite your friends or clients for an ancestral hunt. You will participate in multiple drives where one half of the group walks and shoots while the other half is placed for driven hunt action. Groups alternate roles after each drive and you will be hunting high-flying pheasants. Our gamekeeper, his team and dogs will guide you during the day. To further experience our traditions, you will enjoy with our team our unforgettable beef ribs slow-cooked in our 17th century chimney.

The day starts at 8:30 am with a breakfast. 5-8 drives will be organized, with a break in the forest, followed by a lunch served at the Chateau.

For non-French residents, we will assist you with all administrative requirements (license, insurance, etc).

Open season from October 28th until February 22nd.


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For group from 5 to 8 guns

Including :
– The accepted overage is 5% of the bag
– Breakfast: viennoiseries, orange juice, coffee, tea
– Break in the woods: sausages, biscuits, bullshot, wine, sodas, water
– Aperitif: hot and cold canapés, wine, soda, water
– Lunch: French beef ribs slow-cooked in our chimney, cheese, dessert, wine, coffee, water